Thomas Lantz

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About Me

My Name is Thomas Lantz, I've been it the creative field for the past 5 years in many different mediums.

I am a fourth year architecture student at Temple University currently pursuing a 4+1 track in hopes of obtaining both my bachelors and masters degree in architecture. I'm passionate about sustainability and striving to combine both old and new design techniques


My Abilities

featureD projects

Theatrical Home

This project evaluated circulation and program for a site on South Street by creating to side by side row homes. Understanding of the hierarchy of public vs private, commercial vs residential, circulation vs program drove the design to include multiple interior courtyards. There was also a drive to create a building that fit into the dynamic facades of South Street.


Ramped Museum

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Washington Bathhouse

The program was to create a public bathhouse that holds a one bathroom and one shower for visitors of Washington Square park. Experimenting with forms played a big part in the creation of this bathhouse. The form was created from referencing multiple points of interest within and around the park.


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